Juniper Software

At Juniper Networks, over 80% of our engineers are software engineers. That is because software represents a crucial control point to experience-first networking, where:

  • Telemetry data is collected, curated and acted upon for seamless automation and operational simplicity
  • Juniper delivers unparalleled insight into user, network, device and application behavior for optimized experiences including proactive support

For many years, Juniper’s software innovation has brought real value to our customers while earning the company industry distinction in a variety of areas.  For example, the world’s most sophisticated networks run on the Junos operating system .  Juniper is a recognized leader in AI-driven operations with Mist AI.  Juniper’s cloud services provide the flexibility, agility, and scale needed for the modern networking era.   We offer a fully integrated software portfolio (Paragon) for seamless network automation.  Our security software and services are second to none.  Juniper is committed to openness and programmability with rich APIs, and we offer flexible licensing options so it is easy to consume the right products and services, where they matter most. 

From setup and configuration to simplified ongoing operations, Juniper provides the software that is the lifeblood to the most sophisticated and critical networks the world over.


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