Philadelphia Advances Smart City Vision

More than 1.5 million people call the City of Philadelphia home. It’s the birthplace of liberty and the cheesesteaks. Philadelphia is also an innovator in advanced IT services, with a citywide network that supports 30,000 workers in dozens of departments from first responders to urban planners. The city’s Juniper backbone has delivered 99.99% uptime over more than five years.


Company City of Philadelphia
Industry Government and Non-Profit
Products used MX960Advanced Threat PreventionSecurity DirectorWi-Fi AssuranceWired AssuranceEdgeAdvanced Threat PreventionPolicy Enforcer
Region Americas
City of Philadelphia Image
"Being a Juniper shop makes my life and my team’s lives easier. We run a network that supports 30,000 employees with four people. We have efficient network operations."
Dennis Doyne Chief Network Operations Officer, City of Philadelphia

Business Challenge

With a Juniper network connecting hundreds of government offices to the city’s data center and beyond, the City of Philadelphia has laid the foundation for a more efficient, innovative city. Smart city services like intelligent traffic lights keep neighborhoods and environmentally sustainable. Empowered by the operational simplicity of a Juniper network, a lean IT team of four handles all the network tasks.